I have always been passionate about Crin horse hair weaving - a traditional art and craft technique from my home country, Chile.  The intricacy of the technique and delicacy of the material inspire me to develop my skills in this art form and create my own jewellery designs. My sculpture practice evolved from big scale objects into the miniature world of jewellery. Now based in Australia Iā€™m inspired by the shapes of the country's flora (seeds, gumnuts, flowers and leaves) which I document and collect. I translate natural forms into a new visual imaginary to create unique pieces that reflect my connection with nature and cultural heritage.

Horses are unique beautiful animals and I'm fascinated with the connection between humans and these creatures. Even though they are strong and imposing their nature is friendly and gentle. I work with horses in Chile and Australia, developing a close relationship with the animal and the owners, this is an essential part of my creative process that I really enjoy. The well-being of the horses is my unconditional priority and they donate their hair calmly and with no fuss.